2nd June 2020

For the latest news  about church services from All Saints (held online via Zoom), online services from Oxford Diocese, and Parish information, please see our dedicated Coronavirus Resources page here.


All Saints’ Church Ascot Heath

COVID-19 Public Worship and Private Prayer



From Sunday 19 July 2020, the Church will be open for a service of public worship at 08:30 and will remain open for private prayer until 15:30.  There will be a Zoom service at 10:30 for those who cannot or do not wish to physically come to church.

In order to conform to government and church guidelines, where possible, we are following the two-metre social distancing policy for services.  Where this is not possible, we are following a “one metre with mitigation” policy.


08:30 – Public Worship (All Saints’ Church) – Said Service of Holy Communion

10:30 – Holy Communion (Zoom)

09:45-15:30 – Private Prayer (All Saints’ Church)

At all other times throughout the week, the Church will be closed.

Seating for Public Worship

Seating in the pews has been arranged at measured two-metre gaps.  In practice this means that we will only be using alternate pews and those pews will now only be able to sit three individuals or one family group and one individual.  In addition to the seating in the nave of the Church, there will also be three seats available in the Choir.  In practice, this means a service attended only by individuals (i.e., no families) could have no more than a total number of 38 individuals, including two welcomers, the sub-deacon and celebrant.  If families were in attendance, this total could potentially change.

Attending Public Worship

If you would like to attend public worship, you will need to contact the Parish Office to book a place(s).  In order to comply with the Government’s track and trace policy, when booking, you will need to provide your name, address, and a contact number.

Given the fact that places for public worship are limited, if you do book a place, please do make every effort to attend as it is highly likely that we will sadly have to inform some people that we are full and that therefore they cannot come.  Having secured a place(s) you then realise you cannot come, please do let the Parish Office know at the earliest opportunity so that your place(s) can be made available for others.

How will Public Worship be Different?

  • Singing is not allowed at present, so the service will be said.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available and you will be requested to sanitise your hands on your way in and out of church.
  • Entrance into and exit from the Church will be via both West doors.  One welcomer will to be stationed outside prior to the service to encourage social distancing as people enter the church.  The other welcomer will point people to their seats.  Please comply with the welcomer’s directions.
  • Orders of Service will be e-mailed out with your booking confirmation; please do print this out and bring it with you.  If you cannot print your order of service, a small number will be available on a table at the back of church when you arrive.
  • The collection will not be taken during the service.  Instead a plate will be available at the back of church and you are encouraged to leave your usual donation in the plate on your arrival or departure.  Should you wish to complete a gift aid envelope, you will need to bring your own pen.
  • The wearing of face coverings is now compulsory.

Holy Communion

  • Hosts will be put in the ciborium at least 72 hours in advance.
  • They will stay in the ciborium until distribution.
  • The Priest will elevate, speak over, and consume entirely the Priest’s host, which will be separate from the other hosts.
  • Communion will be in one kind.
  • The Priest will use sanitizer before distributing the hosts.
  • The host will be dropped into your hands and you will then make your way back to your seat via the Lady Chapel.

Votive Candle Stand

The votive candle stand will be available as normal both during public worship and private prayer.  Candles will be spread out on a small table next to the stand.


Male, female, and disabled lavatories will be available in the parish hall on a Sunday as normal.  Liquid soap and hand dryers will be available.  If multiple people go to the lavatory at the same time, please remember to observe social distancing.


The church will be regularly cleaned after a Sunday and it will be ensured that every week the Church remains closed for at least 72 hours prior to opening on a Sunday.

Please don't feel any pressure to come back to the Church if it is safer for you to stay at home.  The Zoom service at 10:30am on Sundays will continue for the foreseeable future.  Wherever you are, you remain a treasured member of our community - and loved by God.  Please do get in touch if we can help with anything.


Fr Darrell

9 July, 2020

Variety Show at Home  -  Saturday 18th July 2020

Thank you to all the organisers and participants on last Saturday’s All Saints’ Variety Show at Home. A wonderful show of talent by all involved. Over £3000 was raised and donations are still coming in. Thank you to all who have donated, your gift is much appreciated.
A DVD of the concert is being produced and will be available to buy for a suggested minimum donation of £5. Please contact the Parish Office if you would like a copy.

A copy of the Programme can be seen here.        

If you'd still like to donate, donations can be made via text or via the church website at

To donate by text, just text ATHOME with the amount of your donation to 70085. You will also be able to giftaid your donation. Thank you.





Loving God,
We pray for all those who are suffering because of the coronavirus, may they know your healing power.
When we are afraid for ourselves and our loved ones, give us your strength and courage.
When we feel alone and isolated, reassure us with a sense of your presence.
Give wisdom to those in authority and may our community work together for the good of all.
We give thanks for those who care for others and ask you to bless them in all they do.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, healer and physician.


All Saints Choir

The Senior Choir enjoyed a get-together via Zoom this week as they celebrated Royal Ascot week with a lockdown quiz. 















Revd Gill Wiggins

A memorial plaque was installed in the Lady Chapel at All Saints' Church on 28th January 2018.

From the Candlemas service that day -

"Candlemas is the linchpin of the Church's year, the day on which we turn from our celebration of Christmas to our celebration of Christ's passion and resurrection. Today we look back and we look forward. As we look back, it is right and proper that we should remember Gill Wiggins, a faithful lay minister and then associate priest in this parish. Gill herself would want our focus to be not on her, but on Christ.  Nonetheless, as we keep our celebration of Simeon and Anna's joyful reception of the Christ-child in the Jerusalem temple of old, it is also right that we remember and celebrate Gill's faithful service in this temple here in Ascot."

"Almighty God, we remember before you today your faithful minister and priest Gill; and we pray that, having opened to her the gates of larger life, you will receive her more and more into your joyful service, that, with all who have faithfully served you in the past, she may share in the eternal victory of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."




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