Revd Dr Darrell D. Hannah, Rector
(01344 621200)



Parish Office (Julie Deane - Parish Administrator - enquiries)
(01344 884686)


Pastoral Care

As Christians in Ascot, we care for the local community and offer prayers for areas of the parish, people in the parish, those we care about, those in need and our friends and neighbours in all of our services.  We are active in the local community and offer specific opportunities for those in the community to join in worship and prayer.

Home visits

Please contact us if you would like a home visit.  We take Holy Communion to homes of individuals who are unable to get to Church regularly.  It doesn’t have to be on a particular day of the week and the frequency varies depending on personal circumstances and preferences.  Sometimes we are joined by a family member, friend or carer, giving us an opportunity to pray and celebrate together. We try to keep an eyHome communione out for those who are “missing” on Sundays, but we may not always be aware of people whose attendance has stopped.  

Please contact Fr Darrell or the Parish Office if you, or someone you know, might like to receive a visit or a Home Communion.  We welcome the opportunity to make sure you don’t miss out and to share the grace of God’s great gift with you.

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