We celebrate the eucharist every day in our parish and there is a mass in one of our buildings.  Except for Mini-Mass, they are quiet and reflective and tend to have a smaller congregation.

Sometimes we just need a few minutes way from the busy-ness of life and these small services offer a chance to pray and reflect with others. All are welcome.

If you are a baptised Christian of any denomination and take communion in your own church you are very welcome to take communion with us.  If you would just like to come along and join prayerfully in the service then that will be fine too. 

If you'd like a blessing bow your head when communion is distributed and leave your arms by your side & we will realise that you don't want communion.



Mass (30 mins)

All Saints' Church

Tuesday 9:30 Mini- Mass (20 mins) Chapel of Saint Mary & Saint John
Wednesday 7:15pm


Evening Mass (30 mins)
Check the Calendar for times as this sometimes changes.

All Saints' Church
Thursday 12:15 Lunchtime Mass (30 mins) Chapel of Saint Mary & Saint John
Friday 9.00 Mass (30 mins)

All Souls' Church,
South Ascot

Saturday 9:15 Mass (30 mins)

All Saints' Church

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