Eco Explorers

Have you read the latest IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) reports? Probably not…they are tomes! But read them we must and understand their scientific forecasts for our environmental future.

World-wide, and from myriad organisations, eminent individuals and community groups, the message to Governments is act and act now!

The Church of England is taking a lead; our Rector, Revd. Darrell Hannah is waking us up!

For over 8 years the All Saints’ Eco Explorers group has met each month and we continue to do so. Come and see if the meeting appeals to you.  Learn the facts.

Join our determination to challenge Government to be serious and engage responsibly to mitigate carbon emissions…to stop wobbling about in vote-catching poses, whilst the future of our children and grandchildren world-wide, becomes perilously problematic. 

Anne Yarwood

Meetings convener.

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